For the record…….

TO: Gabrielle Carteris – President, SAG-AFTRA

Madam President Carteris,
That a notification be sent out by Sagaftra to all registered stuntpeople and stunt coordinators that they are to cease, now and in the future, all wigging and paint downs. Asap…sooner than later.  Those caught will risk suspension and fines.
(REASON; To avoid lengthy, costly litigation.  A good prepared stunt coordinator knows how to avoid wigging and paint downs…and will except the rule of law.)
To implement mandatory law  random drug testing for stuntpeople and stunt coordinators.
(REASON; To protect and spare the lives of innocent people from death and injury.
Perception changes from rehearsal to first “take” when under the influence.  If pain cannot be controlled by over-the-counter meds, ice, heat, acupuncture, chiropractor….they need to seek another career or make sure they are clean from opioids or alcohol before stepping on the set.)
That ND work is <always equal>. ie; two nd’s needed with consideration for diverse ethnicity= one man and one woman.  Three nd’s needed= coordinators choice, two men one woman or visa versa.  Four nd’s needed= two men and two women. Five nd’s needed= coordinators choice and so on.  A waiver should need to be obtained to do otherwise.
(REASON; Playing fair and to avoid costly litigation.  Improper not to include women and minorities.  Monopoly says, pool and trust denote organizations (now illegal) designed to restrict competition within specific areas and industries over a long period.)
Implement “The Roster” asap.
(REASON; To ensure the <best of the best> are employed.  To ensure stunt coordinators and Producers the roster is where they reside……voted in by their peers who qualified them.)
Establish the necessary guidelines to protect the seniority of expierence.
(REASON; It’s the right and smart thing to do especially in the stunt field.)
In closing,….for now.
In our lives as artists, <apathy is the destruction of great art>.  Apathy is the enemy without question.
SAG/AFTRA…you must take the reins…time demands it.
The cost of these requests are free to minimal….words that will save lives and give birth to new one’s for the future.  How can this be wrong?
Julie Ann Johnson
On this day September 9, 2018


MAY 16, 2018
First, thank you Film Fatales and Fox for having this important dialogue and for the invite.
Thank you Deven MacNair for the <mention>.
Thank you panel for your courage and fortitude.
I would hope the other <majors> will follow suit.  Educating young women and men Directors and Producers is so important.
The distructive and abusive mind-set can only be corrected by courageous people like you.
I felt sadness sitting there having to relive decades past our fight for our gender and color….and to think that
Litigation may have to take place to give us life.  This is beyond the scope of comprehension in this day and age.
A special thanks to Evangeline Lilly as an Actress who stepped up to the plate…quite amazing to see.  I hope more will now be more encouraged to shed the light that is needed.
I left the meeting with bitter/sweet emotions—-I had not been on the Fox lot since my blacklisting by Stunts Unlimited and Stuntmens Association in the late 70’s where I was left to die by my brothers and a couple of sisters—-this was the bitter, and the sweet was remembering two of my first major movies, “Caprice” doubling for Doris Day and the first “Doctor Doolittle “
doubling for Portia Nelson.  I was fortunate to have had at least 8 years to get established before the Stuntmen took over total control of hiring.
At the risk of being any more political here—-may I please refer you to my website….
Find the sitemap and the blog is most important.
It is who I am…who I was for our fight for equality.
Unfortunately for some, my spirit will remain until our dire issues are resolved into a kinder more productive and progressive Industry.
With the help of panels like this and those who believe we can do better….surely the light will shine.
Courage paves the way….to be continued.

Final request for a Stuntwoman Survey

Dear Jane,
1.  I want to have confidence in my
      Guild…SAG.  I make no
      demands….just consideration
       that they will go the extra mile
       to protect us…..which means
       “SURVEY”…..which means to
       inform the reality of our
2.    There is no better time to put
        out the survey to all registered
         618 stuntwomen…..and of
         course I like and prefer the
         questions you received in my
          report prior to contract
          negotiations in 2017.  It
          includes other predators the
          women can check besides
3.       If the survey is not conducted
          one can only assume that
          SAG knows very well what the
          the results will be and they
          don’t want to deal with them.
          Easier to just ignore….protect
          the guilty.
4.       I ask you not to fear the
           results but rather take the
           Initiative to prove once and
           for all you will protect and
           preserve with great respect
           our occupation as
5.        We deserve, without
            reservation to have our
            voice heard and a survey
            is the only voice the silent
            Stuntwoman has.
6.         Please be ultra aware there
             are two definitions of the
             silent voice….those who
             fear the ultimate
             retaliation….and those who
             are silent just to be popular
             with the Stuntmen.
7.          You and Debbie, because of
              your positions with SAG
              and SMAMP , please find
              away to step over your line
              of comfort they afford you
              and become the fearless
              caretakers of our difficult
              profession.  Your support
              and dialog should not be
              kept at a minimum.
8.           If you could just put aside
               any disdain you have for
               me and at some point
               realize your actions or
               inactions affects us all….
               and I don’t want to believe
               that inaction is ruled by
9.            I ask you and Debbie to
               stand with some pride
               and activate the survey
               ASAP to all 618
               stuntwomen….expose the
               results publicly and deal
               with them Nationally to
               prove you are leaders who
               take the responsibility of
               making our lives better and
               more productive….our
               youth needs you to do this.
               They want fearless,
                stand-up leaders.
10.          We will all be better for it…
                if you will only allow
                yourselves to step forward
                regardless of the
                consequences and lead
                us with strength.
                Be the first responders to
                our cry for help.
                How about a new motto,
                like…”I’ll stand by you”,
                instead of against you?
I will await with hope that I will
receive a flash Monkey Survey via
Email as will 618 others.
My regards and prayers for your
much needed effort and support of
the truth.   Julie Ann Johnson
P.S. I wish SAG would stop kicking
        the best of us to the curb….
        ie; Jennifer Badger
              Deven MacNair
Solidarity without respect means
nothing….it’s tragic.

Response to “Letter to the Editor – SAG Magazine”

Unfortunately, Julie, you’ve been shot multiple times and allowed to bleed out.  I’m so sorry for your experiences but as I emailed in the past, I DO respect what you’ve been through, appreciate the path you’ve paved for us who are following, and admire your spirit and fortitude as your book really touched my life and my heart.  I will NOT be one of the masses who don’t give thanks to those who went before.  As I said in a recent post on the Stuntwoman’s Network page… as bad as I’ve had it with assaults and abuse, I know it pales in comparison to those who went before me and their voices and actions allowed me to have the opportunities I’ve had today.

You are right that SAG-AFTRA won’t take any strong stance on this.  In fact, my own complaints have been thrown out multiple times despite presented documented evidence.  “Behavior unbefitting a member” is apparently no longer wordage used for disciplining members.  So frustrating!
On a side note.  I’m not asking you to put out anything public that you aren’t comfortable with or to name names, but would you be willing to share your story in a shortened version for those who haven’t read your book so that current stuntwoman might understand better what their predecessors have gone through?  For instance, I recently shared publicly for the first time about how I was assaulted several years ago by a coordinator who was part of a ‘good ole boys club’ and wanted me to know my place.  He didn’t believe that it was right for me, a woman, to be getting coordinating jobs over him and took it upon himself to teach me a lesson.  He left me with a broken bone.  Worse, my young son witnessed the situation.  I finally shared about this with stuntwomen peers so that they would understand that this type of bullying isn’t just a thing of the past.  Again, I know you had it much worse and I’m not trying to minimize that at all, but few have heard specifics of your experiences to better appreciate the passion you have for improving our industry.

Letter to Editor – SAG Magazine

RE: Documenting more stuntwomen History.


Several months ago, after a meeting with

SAG to deliver my 75-page report, prior to

our contract negotiations on Stuntwomen

issues—–I asked SAG/AMPTP to please have an article written for their magazines,

denouncing the behavior of some of our

stuntmen/coordinators…..that they will not

tolerate or except their abuse of power.  And,

to let them know they will be scrutinized

very closely from this day forth.


I have seen no such article in our last two

issues—-to give the reprimand and

warning….this behavior must stop.


So, I am prompted to do my own….

The blind eye must see…

The deaf ear needs to hear.


Rough times breeds rough words.


SAGAFTRA/AMPTP—please make the

tough call together.

Harassment training is but candle light,

and of course thank you for that.  We need

the spot light to show up….and soon….

candle light will fade.



For stunt coordinators, here and abroad,

to be allowed to keep “pimping ” girls into

our profession for their personal physical

pleasure….and then passing them up to

Producers and Directors to maintain

<their> employment…..this is nothing short

of, and smacks of   ” Sex Trafficking” .



The abuse of power is an abomination,

oppressive and disease ridden.  Their days

in the hazy sun they have created to hide

their evil ways…are about to be over.



Silence implies consent and more.


Why do our Leaders just <do not> have the

<will> to make the tough changes we

desperately need for a better work place.

Oh sure, a Sag Rep. goes to the set if there

seems to be a problem, but, a stuntman/

coordinator…FYI…does not feel a slap on

the wrist—-they just defy it and goes on

their merry, heartless way…..never looking

back at their wake of destruction.

Only hefty fines will get their attention along

with a public shaming…just like the big boys




The stuntman/coordinator (you know who

you are) who stripped me naked in my

prime (as you did to others) skinned me and

burned me at the stake…then watched with

delight as my ashes fell to the ground—-

I guess I deserved that because I had to

blow the whistle on your drug abuse on the

set …because of a career ending injury to

myself and another stuntwoman, Jean Coulter.

You should have collected my ashes and

buried them in place of just pissing on them.

You didn’t take into consideration the wind

and how ashes can be carried (having too

much fun I guess).  Well, they have landed

on this Industry and on your shoulder.

Never to be shaken away until you learn

common decency and it prevails, etc. etc.



For those who <think> they are the “real deal

stuntwomen” and are above reproach….think

again….you haven’t learned stuntmen are

“fickle beings”, just like some of you are.

Your silent voice will also come back to

haunt you.  You need a few more life’s

lessons, more maturity and be less self-~

absorbed ….not to mention, you really have

not hit the ground enough to be respectful.


My female detractors, (I know exactly who

you are) you are nothing less than “Bandits”

with Sag Contracts coming out of every

orifice.  You are a detriment and are stealing

from the “real deal stuntwoman”.

Your days are also numbered.  Please take

a look in the mirror…all you will see is greed

and not the woman you could and should be.

A few of us have sacrificed everything to

make it better for you.  Search the word…



#Me too

As we now see…I am far from the only one

this abuse has happened too—the strong

one’s are stepping forward and soon a

brand new day….the sun will no longer be

covered with the haze of deception.


SAG/AMPTP….You want to avoid law suits?

You have to look no further than the stuntman

coordinator….this is the bane of our existence.  All you have to do is take them out

behind the barn…one by one and teach them the proper manners that are lacking….and,

take away their SAG card for a few years….

for conduct unbecoming.

Together, you have the power and you must

use it.  Also, you can no longer allow stuntmen to train our youth to keep their mouths shut if they want to work.



For those who say, “Gee, why is she saying this about us?  We gave her a lot of work and made her who she was….one of the best!

Yes, you taught me well, however, your memory does not serve you well—-it was I

who helped make your careers by the stunts

I performed for you.


All the “real deal stuntwoman” wants is to do

great work for the Producer, Director, stunt

coordinator and actress she doubles….and

we have done that with one hand tied behind


so we can do even greater stunts.



If you think this letter is too long for the

next magazine, then please think again and

give me a page.  There is more rage waiting in

the wings if we don’t get help…and soon.



Our wants and needs can be put on one single

page….which will be handed to you sometime

after the Holidays.  I ask you to find your hearts….you will find a little compassion and

insight will take you a long way.



I can just hear some of you saying, “this

is just ramblings from an old has-been stuntwoman”.

Well, when you put one of the best in isolation

and never ending purgatory….all one has left is ramblings.

One day you will look back (if you are worth your salt) and say, “Gee, ole Johnson’s ramblings did make our lives better.”

“Gee, thank you Julie.”

You are very welcome….it was a pleasure to

serve you.  All my focus and sacrifice was and

is to elevate you, “the real deal stuntwoman ” to the level and height you so deserve.

Now it is up to you.  But, you must maintain

a clean house….you will get the respect that is paramount to your growth.


I will say “good-bye”, only when I know all your great potential is realized and you are

free to express.



I know this doesn’t have a chance in hell to make the magazine….but, it’s all about trying

and never giving up.

I am confident it will make the media at some



I pray you have peace, comfort and deep

reflection over the coming days.


Julie Ann Johnson

The Veteran Stuntwoman


PS; Again, don’t shoot the messenger….

I’ve already been shot…to be continued…




It is obvious that many
stuntwomen were never
taught when they were
young, that this is an
“emotion” that is not
allowed and will not
be tolerated.
It drains the soul, it grows
insecurities and breeds
Someone will always come
along who is as good as you,
if not better than you.
You must respect that fact.
It may be too late for some
of you….and if you can’t
eliminate your jealousy…
your career should be short
lived because you are a detriment
to the “real deal stuntwoman “.
Not to mention what jealousy
will do to your health.
Julie Ann Johnson/Stuntwoman

Why? Because we can……

                 CULTURE AND THEIR CREED
1.  YES…..Some of us will rape or attempt
                  too rape you if the opportunity
                  is right.
2.  YES…..We will harass and bully you when
                  the opportunity presents itself….
                  and even if it doesn’t.
3.  YES…..We can physically and emotionally
                  beat you up when no one is looking.
                  And, if you don’t “play the game” we
                  can make an accident happen on
                  the set.
4.  YES…..We will spread “vicious rumors”
                  about you.
5.  YES…..We can “set you up to fail”.
6.  YES…..We will take away your “right
                  to free speech”.
7.  YES…..We have the power to intimidate
                  and threaten you if you don’t be
                  silent…..stuntmen included.
                  (It’s called our silent code—
                   break the code and you’re done)
8.  YES…..We can “blacklist you” and make
                  sure your phone never rings again
                  for work.
9.  YES…..Some wives, some girlfriends,
                  mistresses and party girls will
                  always get the “easy” plentiful
                  jobs…..we don’t want them hurt.
10.  YES…We will hire stuntwomen who have
                   skill and timing.
11.  YES…We will continue to under-pay
12.  YES…We can “paint down” a stuntman
                   or stuntwoman at will.
13.  YES…We can put a dress and wig on
                   a stuntman at will.  We get a lot
                  of laughs.
14.  YES…We will continue to bring girls into
                   the business to replace the one’s
                   who don’t want to comply with
                   our wishes and we will call them
15.  YES…We often pay “hush money”.
16.  YES…Some of us abuse alcohol and
                   drugs on the “set” and off.
17.  YES…We are a dictatorship—we like
                   it that way.
Because we can.
Seventeen reasons to abolish this culture
and creed and bring forth Men Of Honor,
dignity and self-control.
Having to continue for decades more with
this mentality is just plain cruel and
If there are any Men Of Valor left….please
stand and end this oppression.
Julie Ann Johnson
A veteran Stuntwoman who has barely
survived all of the above.

I say this respectfully……

I say this respectfully to the majority who

do not agree with me….
I am a veteran Stuntwoman who has helped
open the door for all of you who claim to
be Stuntwomen.
I am openly fighting alone on many fronts
for you.  To name a few…..
1.  Wigs, dresses on Stuntmen
      (costs you the ability to excel + wages )
2.  Paint downs
      (costs you the ability to excel + wages )
3.  Hurting Stuntwomen on the job or off
      for not having sex with a Stuntnman/
       (even one complain is one too many )
4.  Giving you a voice should you care to
I am told there are still some left in the trenches fighting for your rights and
Trenches are dug for protection to fight from.
I have had to remind some people that there
were no trenches until i started digging them
“by hand ” years ago…..I can’t seem to find
out how many are still left in trench….they
should reveal themselves.
Since I am the pariah no one can associate
with, I feel I am a Army of one and that is
okay with me…..sometimes you have to
have a hawk to get the job done.
     I will not stand in front of you
      Nor will I stand behind you
      But I will stand beside you
       should you find the nerve.
Julie Ann Johnson, a Veteran Stuntwoman
(Veteran means a lot of expierence to leave )