It is obvious that many
stuntwomen were never
taught when they were
young, that this is an
“emotion” that is not
allowed and will not
be tolerated.
It drains the soul, it grows
insecurities and breeds
Someone will always come
along who is as good as you,
if not better than you.
You must respect that fact.
It may be too late for some
of you….and if you can’t
eliminate your jealousy…
your career should be short
lived because you are a detriment
to the “real deal stuntwoman “.
Not to mention what jealousy
will do to your health.
Julie Ann Johnson/Stuntwoman

Why? Because we can……

                 CULTURE AND THEIR CREED
1.  YES…..Some of us will rape or attempt
                  too rape you if the opportunity
                  is right.
2.  YES…..We will harass and bully you when
                  the opportunity presents itself….
                  and even if it doesn’t.
3.  YES…..We can physically and emotionally
                  beat you up when no one is looking.
                  And, if you don’t “play the game” we
                  can make an accident happen on
                  the set.
4.  YES…..We will spread “vicious rumors”
                  about you.
5.  YES…..We can “set you up to fail”.
6.  YES…..We will take away your “right
                  to free speech”.
7.  YES…..We have the power to intimidate
                  and threaten you if you don’t be
                  silent…..stuntmen included.
                  (It’s called our silent code—
                   break the code and you’re done)
8.  YES…..We can “blacklist you” and make
                  sure your phone never rings again
                  for work.
9.  YES…..Some wives, some girlfriends,
                  mistresses and party girls will
                  always get the “easy” plentiful
                  jobs…..we don’t want them hurt.
10.  YES…We will hire stuntwomen who have
                   skill and timing.
11.  YES…We will continue to under-pay
12.  YES…We can “paint down” a stuntman
                   or stuntwoman at will.
13.  YES…We can put a dress and wig on
                   a stuntman at will.  We get a lot
                  of laughs.
14.  YES…We will continue to bring girls into
                   the business to replace the one’s
                   who don’t want to comply with
                   our wishes and we will call them
15.  YES…We often pay “hush money”.
16.  YES…Some of us abuse alcohol and
                   drugs on the “set” and off.
17.  YES…We are a dictatorship—we like
                   it that way.
Because we can.
Seventeen reasons to abolish this culture
and creed and bring forth Men Of Honor,
dignity and self-control.
Having to continue for decades more with
this mentality is just plain cruel and
If there are any Men Of Valor left….please
stand and end this oppression.
Julie Ann Johnson
A veteran Stuntwoman who has barely
survived all of the above.

I say this respectfully……

I say this respectfully to the majority who

do not agree with me….
I am a veteran Stuntwoman who has helped
open the door for all of you who claim to
be Stuntwomen.
I am openly fighting alone on many fronts
for you.  To name a few…..
1.  Wigs, dresses on Stuntmen
      (costs you the ability to excel + wages )
2.  Paint downs
      (costs you the ability to excel + wages )
3.  Hurting Stuntwomen on the job or off
      for not having sex with a Stuntnman/
       (even one complain is one too many )
4.  Giving you a voice should you care to
I am told there are still some left in the trenches fighting for your rights and
Trenches are dug for protection to fight from.
I have had to remind some people that there
were no trenches until i started digging them
“by hand ” years ago…..I can’t seem to find
out how many are still left in trench….they
should reveal themselves.
Since I am the pariah no one can associate
with, I feel I am a Army of one and that is
okay with me…..sometimes you have to
have a hawk to get the job done.
     I will not stand in front of you
      Nor will I stand behind you
      But I will stand beside you
       should you find the nerve.
Julie Ann Johnson, a Veteran Stuntwoman
(Veteran means a lot of expierence to leave )

A message all……

Even with a stuntwoman as local president and two stuntwomen on the board, they will not listen.  You know that I really hope that they would, but they are much more interested in their titles and perks, than to help a fellow stuntwoman.

I went through this last September, with the SAG Health taking away my petition, at a National Stunt Safety Meeting and they were not interested about how the Health Plan is denying Occupational Disability Pension and Health to the Stunt Community (that is both men and women).

We need media attention but even the people who have tried to help me, cannot even pay to get the media interested.  Maybe if we bought up both our issues together….some large media show might do a story on it?


A Thank you

Thank you for spear heading this effort. I truly appreciate it. I definitely feel there are very few nd spots given to women ESP driving even when there are plenty of women qualified including in smaller markets like Atlanta even when it is a large crowd scene, it isn’t uncommon to see only 10-25% women. (of course some shows are the exception.)

I personally have been the victim of malicious rumors, spearheaded by stuntmen who I turned down their sexual advances early in my career.

This leads to the next issue of stuntmen and coordinators sexually harassing stuntwomen including promising work if they “date” them/ put out, saying lewd things etc.

Unfortunately there are some that are notorious and hit on and say inappropriate sexual things to every new stuntgirl, these things occur in and out of the work place. I have had several stuntwomen friends that have to deal with this issue.
Stuntwoman/ action actress.